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Δευτέρα, 3 Φεβρουαρίου 2014

Ecrins ICE Climbing Festival 2014 at the L'Argentière la Bessée.EN

From 16 to 19 of January for 4 days!!! 
For the last 24 years now going on this  
Ice Climbing Festival at Ecrins in L'Argentière la Bessée!!! In France!!! 
Fantastic land… with lot of mountains, forest, rivers and Ice falls!!! It is just amazing! 
Also these days released the new edition of Guide book from, Guillaune Vallot Cascades en Queyras Pays du Viso with all Ice fall sectors and routes.  The France people are very kind from the first day make you filling you are very welcome… The hard of the festival is at the center of the village. Very morning at 07:30 am Departure time for the sectors on these 3 full days of Ice Climbing is the possibility to go at different sectors and to try different routes from II up to V+, the mini –bus carrying at the sectors…You do not have to think for nothing, only for your technical climbing … at the afternoon the events start at the square traditional dancing, theme kitchen, and many more of thinks… live 10 min walk from the center of the village at the 
La Pierre d’Oran, with Isabelle the owner, every night to enjoy her mazing France meals … with the company of different climbers, where after days became friends… to talk about our experience. 4 days of amazing Ice Climbing passed so fast… all the best for the person who organizes this Ice Climbing Festival: Cathy Jolibert and her team!!! They were so GOOD… 

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